Biogas Digester Cost – How Affordable is Anaerobic Digestion?

Biogas digester cost both for construction and operation are often criticised.  Affordability is a question for AD technology. The rush to energy manufacturing from biogas digesters has been slower than hoped for especially in the developed nations, largely due to biogas digester cost. Much more methane can be produced from waste, and manure, but with only a few small manufacturers, fabrication costs have stayed high. Implementation in developed countries slowed to a drip in the early 2010s.

As a result, large commercial anaerobic digesters have dominated, as the main source of production in North America.

Why have not home-based, or, a minimum of, small farm-base systems flourished?

{Update: 2018: New small scale biogas digester plants are now coming to the market and the price is dropping. The result is that in 2018 we are hoping to see a rapid growth in small scale home and small community biogas plants.]

We Overlook the Prospective of the Biogas Digester at a Big Cost

The response is simple, and yet complex. The easy response is that the focus in any alternative energy campaigns across the continent has been on massive systems efficient in supplementing, if no replacing traditional sources of energy manufacturing.

Biodiesel, for example, has the capacity to be produced in garage-sized centers, yet many of the soybean and canola fed systems produce numerous millions of litres per year, with some creating 300-400 million litres. State and provincial policy need burdensome reporting processes, to record the scale of production, a smaller operators discover this bureaucracy not worth the effort for little production centers
Solar power had actually been anticipated to be cost-competitive wit coal and hydro-powered electricity by 2010, yet still remains at excessively high capital cost levels, with a mere 15-20 year lifespan for th facilities. So, huge systems ar being integrateded Nevada and Arizona, while yard systems suffer.

Biogas Digester Costs Compared to Other Renewable Energy Costs

The history of biogas - but at what biogas digester cost?Wind power has actually seen a tornado of activity, but it is the huge wind farms that predominate, while 1.5 kw systems stay at a cost of $900-2,000 per system.

The typical home would require 6-10 of these devices to guarantee a steady supply of energy, too as an extensive array of deep-cycle batteries, inverters, charge protectors and so on.

Biogas, then is in great business, with large farm based systems that are fed by 700-2,000 head of livestock in order to be financially viable.

Biogas Digester Cost and the Scale of Biogas Plants

That is not to suggest that little systems are not practical. Undoubtedly, in Africa, and eastern Asia, single units are producing enough biogas for cooking and lighting for family of 6, at a cost of under $100 per unit! Tests on a range of prototypes in Canada have discovered that good results can be acquired by ecologically protected system that cost only a couple of hundred dollars.

But that is where the more intricate reason for the failure o small biogas systems come into play: human nature.

The Failure to Deal with Biogas Digestion – Society is Repulsed by the Very Concept of Garbage

Biogas is, to put it crudely, a trash product. It is made from excrement, at worst, or, a best, waste natural material. The snobbery of western civilization dictates that we are repulsed by the idea of utilizing anything that is made from manure, or decomposing garbage.

Worse, that we are anticipated to manage this raw sewage and effluent is sometimes more horrible.

The truth that we eat produce grown in animal crap, that we eat fungus, and mould, every day, which the waste that is utilized would normally produce this methane energy anyway does not factor into our thinking. We merely decline to include ourselves in the odious task of utilizing or managing garbage.

What is challenging to fathom, though, is that our capitalist economy has actually failed to acknowledge that trash can be gold, and to market biogas digester systems with a fervour. There is little or no competition on biogas digester cost.

Not only can biogas be generated safely and cheaply from household waste, in every backyard, however the systems that might be built and sold might be marketed at a considerable mark-up and a low input expense. This makes home-based biogas systems win-win product, at the right biogas digester cost point.

Government Neglects the Prospective Biogas Digester Expense Advantages

Yet, our government has overlooked the opportunity to effect on the environment, and biogas digester cost has been seen as too high for a viable market. Also, at the customer level businesses overlook the opportunity for profit in these systems and customer overlook the opportunity to attain energy independence in their own yards. This may be due to the perception of high cost, or simply because they think that the idea of recycling waste will be thought to be unpleasant.

The price that we pay is more unpleasant, however individuals do not understand it! A degraded environment, energy reliance on outside sources, and ever-increasing expenses of energy.

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