Home Made Biogas

A Home Made Biogas Digester for your Home

Home made biogas is an idea which has been around for several hundred years. That we were not until very recently doing it in the west was an effect of the historically low fuel prices which the world has witnessed over the 60 odd years due to an abundance of energy supply from our fossil-fuel finding and extraction technologies developing so rapidly.

Home Made Biogas thumbnail YouTubeNow that those reserves are starting to become depleted the cost of our energy has now risen to the extent that more and more people are finding it worthwhile spending a good deal of money, time and effort in making their own biogas at home.

To produce home biogas it is not necessary to make a huge biogas digester, and many of us can obtain a reliable source a biomass of a suitably high calorific value. The feed materials list for its production is very broad, and ranges from grass cuttings, to manure, to waste food, and in most cases a combination of sources is what works best.

Those that own a smallholding or anything larger can readily run a home made biogas digester, and it is no doubt best for most of us to start small, learn the basics and the progressively builds up toward larger home biogas plants.

For those that live in an ordinary house, without land there are emerging feedstocks for make biogas at home such as glycerol.

Glycerol is a by-product of bio-fuel production such as biodiesel, and can be very cheap, or even free in your area, as there is a glut of it in many countries. This may be a potential feed stock for those who are close to energy crop biodiesel production.

We recommend that all those interested in starting to make their own home made biogas begin with a small pilot scale plant, design to be used while standing at a table or desk or a free standing tank based design no bigger than a wheelie bin. The resulting digestate can be used as a garden fertilizer.

It is very simple once you receive the right guidance, and then you can make your own home biogas, and it will be the cheapest cost of any biogas.

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