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Welcome to John Tyler’s Biogas Digester Information!

J Tyler
John Tyler’s Biogas Digester Blog

We are big fans of anaerobic digestion and the green energy, and other products produced in the increasing numbers of biogas digesters now working, in which it takes place.

The term “Biogas” refers to gases produced by the anaerobic fermentation of biological materials. Their major constituents are methane and CO2.

Biogas is a clean uncontaminated and cheap source of energy especially useful in off grid locations. It consists of 55-70 % methane which is inflammable.

Many say that without it being used, there can be no “Zero 2050” carbon emissions achieved for our world.

Mission Statement

Our mission with this website is to provide valuable information and training about how to build and operate biogas digesters which use the anaerobic digestion process.

We believe that the benefits of anaerobic digestion and the renewable energy and fertilizer that they produce are large and that the benefits to civilisation from its increased use are huge, so we are doing our bit to increase public awareness of this process.

We hope that you enjoy our site content, and will agree about the benefits of biogas digestion, and perhaps will start your own biogas project, or tell your friends about the advantages of the anaerobic digestion of waste materials.

John Tyler

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