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Home Biogas – Small AD For Fertilising Garden Plants and Gas for Cooking

On This Page How to Make a Home Digester (Maybe) Home biogas: turning food waste into renewable energy Use Your Home Biogas Supply for Daily Cooking Use Your Home Biogas Plant Liquid Outflow to Fertilize Your Garden Cooking with Home Biogas Turning food waste into renewable energy Home biogas system (Philippine BioDigesters) The Philippine BioDigester Home […]

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Image text: "A simple home gobar gas biogas plant".

Simple Gobar Gas Plant – Anaerobic Digestion Philosophy and Design

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Image text: "5 Steps to Solving Your Home Digester Problem".

5 Steps to Solving Your Home Digester Problem

The 5 Steps to solving your home digester problem can be as simple as follows: 1. Investigate the cause of the problem such as blocked pipework, inefficient waste feed preparation and/or mixing. 2. Assuming that you have sufficient feed materials of suitable quality for biogas production and good digestion, see if the problem can be […]

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Image text: "The Absolute Beginners Guide to Biogas Energy"

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Biogas Energy – Biogas Energy Explained

Biogas is generated when bacteria degrade biological material in the absence of oxygen, in a process known as anaerobic digestion. Since biogas is a mixture of methane (also known as marsh gas or natural gas, CH4) and carbon dioxide it is a renewable fuel produced from waste treatment. Anaerobic digestion is basically a simple process […]

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