New Landfill Gas Treatment Technology Dramatically Lowers Energy Production Costs

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This page is devoted to providing information on how to gain access to a “broken link” which had occurred to the citation article Ref: 13 before we created this page, “New Landfill Gas Treatment Technology Dramatically Lowers Energy Production Costs”on the current Wikipedia page on “Biogas”, atᅠ .

The original link led to the company website of “Applied Filter Technology”. However, that website has been deleted/ no longer exists, and it appears that the rights to the biogas cleaning (upgrading) technology referred to in the article may have been taken over by Clean Methane Systems LLC ofᅠBothell, WAᅠ( ). However, the article/ paper had not been reinstatedᅠon the new company’s website atᅠ

It is most likely that the paper cited, which was originally published atᅠ was sponsored by, or contributed to, by this company giving them the rights to provide access to the paper cited, at that time.ᅠ

After an extensive online search, however, no other free copy of the paper was found, but we found that the paper will still be available for purchase online.

The paper was, in fact presented to the WasteCon/ SWANA 29th Landfill Gas SymposiumᅠConference 2006, with the full reference being:

Tower, P.; Wetzel, J.; Lombard, X., New Landfill Gas, “Treatment Technology Dramatically Lowers EnergyᅠProduction Costs”. Proceedings SWANA 29th Landfill Gas Symposium,ᅠ2006; p 15 .

So, to gain access to this citation, researchers will however need to register and make a payment, to see this citation document which is now available as part of the published proceedings, and is no longer available free of charge.

New Link to “New Landfill Gas Treatment Technology Dramatically Lowers Energy Production Costs”

Access to the original linked .pdf document is now available at Solid Waste Association of North Americaᅠwithin the proceedings document: “Proceedings SWANA 29th Landfill Gas Symposium,ᅠ2006” at the following link location:ᅠ

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