Image text: "Grocery Stores Make Biogas From Food Waste".

UK Grocery Stores Make Biogas From Food Waste to Power Themselves

It’s a fact that a number of the largest and most successful UK grocery stores make biogas from food waste to power themselves. They save money on waste disposal charges and do all of us a favour by reducing the carbon emissions which are endangering life as we know it on this planet. Think About […]

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Image text: "Anaerobic Digestion in Northern Ireland 2021 & COP26".

Anaerobic Digestion in Northern Ireland 2022 and COP26

Anaerobic digestion in Northern Ireland in 2022 looks set for a future of development, especially as we get close to COP26. After a period of low activity and some bad press, the mood is changing. There is no doubt that a huge potential exists for the Northern Ireland biogas industry. Thanks for being with us […]

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Image text: "Research and Development Tax Credits".

Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D) Cash Back Available for UK Biogas Plant Operators

Calling all businesses who are failing to claim their Research and Development Tax Credits (R&D). These generous benefits from the UK government are there to help UK AD businesses. They are available for UK Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Plant Operators. Are You Claiming? Experts believe that Biogas Plant operators often carry out Research and Development […]

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Image text: "biomethane decarbonisation".

Biomethane and Decarbonization of the Transport Industry

On This Page: Recent Developments in Biomethane and Hydrogen Production Infrastructure and transport of renewable and low-carbon gases Increasing Grid Injection of Biomethane The Scale-up of Biomethane Production Biowaste to biomethane plant Recent Developments in Biomethane and Hydrogen Production for Transport Use Among other things, a new analysis offers gas decarbonization options from 2020 to […]

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Featured image with the text: "Home Biogas fertilising garden plants and gas for cooking".

Home Biogas – Small AD For Fertilising Garden Plants and Gas for Cooking

How to Make a Home Digester (Maybe) There is a growing band of biogas enthusiasts who spend their time perfecting digester designs and discussing improvements online. They say that would-be home biogas digester constructors should first build a tiny gallon-jug model before going all out with a small-scale or large-scale digester. “Running this, your first […]

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