Anaerobic Digestion Energy – Gaining Value from Biogas Energy Content

Anaerobic Digestion Energy the sustainable renewable energy production process, is on an upward trend. The establishment of anaerobic digestion (AD) systems has accelerated substantially in the past several years. And, one area of growth is for livestock manure stabilisation and the associated energy production. There are thousands of digesters operating at commercial livestock facilities in […]

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The Chinese Biogas Digester – Government Policy Benefits and Use

The Chinese biogas digester has been a major influence in the uptake of the anaerobic digestion process globally. In this article, we look at the background of Government Policy, the benefits, the Biogas Programme of Activities (PoA), recent experience and comments. Finally, we conclude on what still needs to be done to reduce China’s burgeoning […]

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Cow Dung Biogas Gobar-Gas Plant Experiment Design and Construction

This video shows how to make a simple small Gobar Gas Digester (Cow Dung Biogas Plant) as an experiment. It includes details of the design and construction, but you will need to watch carefully for the design details because they are shown in diagram form during the video. This demonstration is by the Pakistan Biogas […]

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A biogas plant.

What You Wanted to Know About Anaerobic Decomposition But Never Asked

Here it is: It’s all the facts that you wanted to know, about Anaerobic Decomposition, but maybe never asked. Decomposition Without Air Defined Succinctly The first step is the decomposition (hydrolysis) of plant or animal matter. This step breaks down the organic material to usable-sized molecules such as sugar. The second step is the conversion […]

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Sewage Sludge Heavy Metals and Biosolids

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